Aaron Massey Wins The Spring MSPT Event

Aaron Massey might not have won the position title in the state championship event of Michigan later part of the year, but he is having a good run this year.

The MSPT event, largest one to be held outside of Vegas, was won by him this summer for an amount of $174,658. The MSPT Firekeepers which was held in the summer had about 820 players in total. Aaron was successful in this event and staked his title and prize money of the above mentioned amount.

This year the Mid States Poker Tour has made the usual prize guarantee triple. The amount is $300,000 in total which has drawn in 820 players with a prize pool of $820,000. The Firekeepers event takes place at the namesake place in Battle Creek. It is a step which is the largest for poker players, outside Las Vegas that is. Aaron Massey has been a dominant player in the series and he has gained a mammoth amount in the summer series of the event.

Massey was happy with the timing of the win, which was sprung as per country timeline. He had been in a slump since 2015. He had earned only $229,280 that year. His large win had occurred in 2012. At that time he had won an amount of $800,000. He states that big events excite him and he does well in major tournament events. Massey in the spring event obtained a lead in the chips. He offered all the kings of the quad in a pre flop hand. Of course, he had formidable opponents to face as well, such as Jason Smith, who has also obtained a favorable reputation in Michigan. Smith obtained some good fortune too at the early rounds at the spring event, but Aaron was the ultimate winner by the end.

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