Carrel Wins Main Event Of 2017 PokerStars

The field of 693 poker pro was there at 2017 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker $10,300 no-limit hold’em main event and that built a sizable prize pool of $6,930,000.

The tournament was won by Charlie Carrel the British poker pro. He captured the title along with the first-place payday of amount $1,200,899.

In the event, Carrel had a perfect stacked final table to play. Others at the table were Emil Patel (9th – $91,058) “maroonlime”, Connor Drinan (6th – $250,723) “blanconegro” and Ola Amundsgard “Odd_Oddsen” (5th – $351,414).

Carrel made the entry in the final nine as the short stack; however, with his excellent game skill he made the comeback at the game’s middle stages. He eliminated Amundsgard and took the lead into four-handed play. Harrison Gimbel “gibler321” on the other hand, over drive both “Garrin4e” and “th’Kick” and made his way to the final and heads-up face to face with Carrel.

Gimbel, with under a 4-to-3 chip benefit, started heads-up play. Both paused the clock and discussed a deal. After that, both decided to lock up $1,100,900 for Carrel and $1,122,874 for Gimbel, leaving the $100,000 and title to play for.

Again Carrel with his game overtakes Gimble and made a comeback and took the lead. Gimbel was left with only nearly 5 million chips from the 35 million chips he had in play by the time the final hand arose. In the next move Gimbel for under ten big blinds moved all-in from the button with the K9 and at the same time Carrel call with the J8. The board ran out A105J5 to pair Carrel on the turn, and Carrel turned out as winner securing both the title and the pot.

Charlie “Epiphany77” Carrel finished first earned $1,200,899, Harrison “gibler321” Gimbel finished second earned $1,122,873, and th’Kick finished third earned $690,348.

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