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Nevada gaming won US$ 11.1 billion in 2015

Nevada casinos won US$ 11.1 billion from pro and amateur gamblers previous year, which is an increase of 0.9%compared to the last year, as per new figures unveiled on Friday by the gaming regulators. Las Vegas Strip gaming win accounted for US$ 6.35 billion of that figure, down 0.4% compared to the year 2014. The figure showing that gaming win was primarily flat is not a surprise.
In the last FY, top grossing casinos of Nevada had revenue of around US$ 24.6 billion, the most since the US$ 25 billion seen in the year 2008. Gaming revenue across the state during fiscal year 2015 was US$10.6 billion, or 43.2% of total revenue.
As per to research conducted by University of Nevada Las Vegas, this is a historic low. Thirty years ago, gaming win represented round 62% of total casino revenue in the FY.  On the Las Vegas Strip, gaming victory was only 34.9% of the total revenue of US$ 16.74 billion, also an all-time low. This means that other revenue sources, such as food, hotel rooms, beverages, retail and entertainment are at historic highs in Silver State.

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Stephen Chidwick: Handsome & Professional Player

Stephen Chidwick’s home town was Deal which is in United State. He is one of the handsome players of poker and he has played very matches and his graph improvement was very great and he was at top level of the graph in 2014.

And he has almost played in every series and he played at his level best. He plays very professionally and he has his own place in poker player. Total winnings were $3,611,928 in all the matches he gains. He has won total 6 career title and 162 career chases he has won in his total career.
He has played all of the series of poker. In World Series of poker he won total $1,215,227 winnings and 28 cashes in this series and he gone through 7 final tables and he doesn’t own any bracelet in this series. He has won $79,060 winnings and 1 cash in this series. He has gone through 1 final table in World poker tour. He has won $705141 winnings in European poker tour and 7 cashes was won by him and he has gone through 1 final table. He has won $475,113 winning in poker player of the year and he was ranked at 32nd place in his career his point was 1340 in his career.

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International TV celebrity Philippe Dana Talks About His Love For Poker Game

Philippe Dana, the legendary presenter of the popular children TV program ca Cartoon from France has been on TV for decades and has been a prominent personality in the Canal Plus cable television channel.

She is the show presented of the 12/13 radio show at Radio France and is also the author of the title Les invités de la fête meaning “The Party’s guests”. He had enjoyed a long adventure on TV but has great enthusiasm for the game of poker which she never tried to conceal.

Recently Julien Tisson from PokerNews, France met with Dana to talk about the various poker adventures in which he was a part and also why the game of poker figures in his initial literary effort. When asked about why poker became an integral part of his life by PokerNews, Dana replied that he was into the game for more than two decades and his first try was with draw poker, and none other than the director at Canal Plus, Jean-Lou is Cap introduced him to the exciting game of poker with hold’em. Read more »

David Katia a Dedicated and smart poker player

Total WinningsCasino$5,975,301 he is a player who has Total Cashes and including Casino72.

He is a player who has even played attended the World Series of Poker. He is a player Winnings   $1,586,865and even won cashes23in the world series of poker tournament. Many new players like to learn new techniques from him that can help to easily get cashes on their account making them renowned poker player. He has total 3 bracelets on his account in the world series of poker tournament and he has won 6 final tables in the world series of poker tournament

He is a player who has also played at the world Hold’Em event. He is a player who has good statistics in the world international poker tournament. He is a player who has won titles and cashes in the w world poker tournament tours giving home advantage to win the series of poker tournament. He has 1 final table and not on a single championship in any poker tournament World Poker Tour Winnings$46,904. He has won only single cash in the world poker tournament. His skills set make him the best tactic poker player in the world. Read more »

EPT Vienne day 1B : Top départ !

Fabrice Soulier Movie Rating: / five

A player who makes a game really interesting

Gus Hansen is basically from Denmark. His home town is Copenhagen. He is the one of aggressive player of poker who is not forgeable in poker.

Gus has born in 1974 he started playing from his schooling while attending a university. Gus is known by the name of “The great Dane”. He is the dangerous player of poker. He has won total $9,824,358 casino winnings. He has won 11 career titles in his throughout career and 33 careers cash in his career. He is very promising player of this game. He has made his different place in this game.

He is one of youngest and experienced player of poker. He has played in every series. He has total $1.2 million winning casinos, 9 cashes and 12 final table in World Series of poker. He has won 1 bracelet in World Series of poker. He has played in world poker tour also and in this series $3.3 million, 7 cashes and 5 tables in this series. He has won 2 championships in this series. He has won $1, 35130 winning casinos and 3 cashes in European poker tour. He has won 4 titles in world poker tour and also he won Five-Diamond world poker classic. Read more »