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Details On PokerStars Players Championship Structure

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

After 10 months of the announcement on what is expected to be the biggest $25,000 tournament, PokerStars has made revelations on what players should expect when they are seated for the upcoming PokerStars Players Championship. The structure of the tournament and the percentage of payout have been planned for players, and by the players in addition to PokerStars team members. The field will have a combination of elite high-end players as well as 300 participants who have enrolled for free in the event by winning platinum passes. The prize pool would be over $10,000,000 and the winner of PSPC will become a millionaire.

There are only 2 aspects to this PSPC which was determined prior to consult the participants. The event would be completed in 5 days and it is going to be a freeze out. Also, there is no scope for re-entries. Thereafter, PokerStars surveyed its players who would participate in the event and this includes platinum pass winners and players through buy-in. The player representatives, surveyed participants, and PokerStars team members would be evaluated prior to every tournament’s aspect. Whether the ply wound starts 9 or 9 handed was the biggest question. However, it was decided that 9 handed play would start on Day 1. Thereafter, tables will scale down to 8 handed at the beginning of Day 2.

PayPal To Play Casinos And Online Poker

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

Playing poker is one of the most popular and outstanding past times out of any online game available around the world. This game is enjoyable and it fulfills all the need for competition by using a thought and strategies matching the player’s intellectual needs. This is a challenging and pleasurable game; it requires a company that also plays with a strategy, a starting bankroll and a reputable online poker room. Each of the online poker rooms available has their strategies to fund registered accounts. However, to play the game online being aware of which company which is the best for you is equally important as knowing the basics of bankroll management.

Most of the internet poker rooms and as well as the internet casino industry fund the accounts by E-Wallets. The popular E-Wallets are Nettle, Fire pay, Click2Pay and more. Some of the biggest online casinos around the world accept the PayPal Casino as the option of down payment. Each casino takes banking account number and use to channel your money from the E-Wallet to wherever you chose. All are accepted on numbers of online poker sites to shop for online locations. This e-wallet choice facilitates secrecy which is available with online sites usually.

Mohegan Sun Guarantees The Amount Of $200,000 For Fall Showdown Series

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

The poker room of Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut has huge money on the line during the time of holidays. It is offering $200,000 guaranteed Fall Showdown, and the event will run from Nov. 15-19.

Rebecca Carabino, the Poker Room Manager said that, “We are extremely excited to host the event Fall Showdown and we are positively looking forward for it. I like the guaranteed events, especially so close to the holiday season.”

The series will start off with a buy-in event of $170+$30 with a guarantee of $50,000. This tournament features, starting flights four, and it is scheduled to take place on Wednesday and Thursday.

James Mackey player with great satistics

Friday, October 17th, 2014

James Mackey was born on Feb 1986 in Coulmbia. James Mackey is professional player of poker. He won one bracelet in WSOP Main event and he got 5 cash prizes in all WSOP Poker tournaments. James Mackey won 2 cash prizes in World Poker tour tournaments. His nickname is mig. com. He played all types of poker tournaments but he is more interested in playing online poker tournaments. James Mackey won WSOP $5,000 Hold’em event in 2007 and earned cash prize of $730,740. He reached to 3rd place in WPT World championship event of 2008 and got cash prize of $95,000. James Mackey earned 2nd place in WSOP World Championship event of 2008 and won cash prize of $297,792 in that event.

James Mackey won Doyle Brunson Five Diamond tournament of 2008 and earned cash prize of $207,305. He got 3rd place in Poker classic tournament of 2009 and earned cash prize of $100,000. He cashed total 9 times in different poker events of 2008. Currently James Mackey ranked as 285th place in All Time Money List. He reached to 3rd place in WPT Hard Rock Shutdown event of 2014 and earned cash prize of $441,128. James Mackey earned 3rd place in WSOP Hold’em of 2012 and got cash prize of $286,633 in that event.

He finished in 7th place of WPT $9,600 Hold’em event and cash prize of $124,704 in that event. James Mackey earned 10th place in WSOP $2,500 Hold’em event of 2010 and won cash prize of $47,232 in that event. He got 141st place in EPT pokerstars event and earned cash prize of $20,000 in that event. He cashed 9 times in various poker tournaments of 2009 in which he cashed 2 times in online poker tournaments. James Mackey earned 11th place in WPT Legends of poker event of 2009 and won cash prize of $32,700. He got 18th place in WSOP Hold’em of 2009 and earned cash prize of 21,533.

Jeffrey Lisandro best Seven Card Stud players in the world

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

He is the player who is born in Australia and now staying in Italy. He has won bracelets, five times. He has many WHOP championships on their name. His skills of playing poker game are unique. His game has appreciated by many of the experts from the poker game. He had awarded as the best player of poker game. He also has done lots of work for contribution of poker game in all over California. He has been the best poker player among all. What makes him different is the game observation and use of different tricks to manage the game. He is a well-known player due to his strategies and way of making opponent do fail.

He defeated Howard Lederer in the Bellagio $25,000. He is having a business and he believes in rich lifestyle. He is a professional poker player, but played only few poker tournaments and became successful within least time span. His game is unique and the way he observes the opponent is very rarely seen in any poker player. He is also an expert in playing online casino games. He is considered as a master in playing cards online. His contribution is vital in the game of poker.

He had considered as best poker player, but who has not won the championship even his skills are appreciated and loved by all his fans. He has one circuit ring and circuit cashed on his name. He has also considered as high limit cash player and has rival with many top poker players. He too has a gold bracelet win. While playing poker game, he keeps himself cool and tries to tackle an opponent in a very smooth way and to make win over his opponent in a poker game. He also has WSOP for the year 2007. He has played a vital game in poker.

Why You Cannot Underrate Thuận B. Nguyễn

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

With the popularity of poker today, getting to know the pros and rising stars in the game is important. Thuận B. Nguyễn is an American professional player who is renowned in the world poker platforms. He has participated in world poker competitions where he has won accolades and taken home colossal monies. These tournaments are run in circuits, elimination lies at the core of the competition in order to determine the final winners. Having thrown his hat in the WSOP events, this cast him some limelight in the gambling sphere. However, a closer look at his resume reveals he is one player whose winnings leave a tinge of legacy in the poker world.

Nguyen first won the 1997 WSOP $2,000 Omaha where he got $150,000 profit for his bankroll. In 1998, he won the WSOP first prize bracelet. After managing a number of WPT final tables, he triumphed in the World Poker Tour 2006; this made him the only player to win the main event of the WSOP and a WPT championship. In the 2008 WSOP (H.O.R.S.E) Main Event, he was 11th and walked away with $476,926. With several appearances at WSOP, his cemented reputation in the poker realms, he can easily win in other global events.

In 2009, the LA Poker Classics (H.O.R.S.E) was a romp as he emerged first, garnering $339,743. By 2010, his total live events wins totaled to $11,250,000. This player has great moves that can enable him to get more winnings, with more games, winnings will not elude him. His recent appearance in the 2012 World Poker Tour where he emerged 30th may have diminished his record. However, this is not to infer that he will not get more winnings per se, his potentiality for the game is as unfathomable as poker itself. Thus, he can plunge into the poker arena for nothing else but triumphing at finals.