Han’s Winzeler Plays With Dedication

This is another poker player from the United States of America.

This player is from the beautiful city of Miami which is a very popular city. This player has completed his education from the college in the same city. He was not much interested in studies but due to some pressure he had to complete his studies. And then he started playing poker in his college days. He developed the interest of playing poker.

When they were just playing a simple game and then he got more interested in the game and started playing all the tournaments and small games for his city and also won many of them and hence got more interested and choose poker playing as his profession and started playing more and more and played at an international level. He has a unique style, he wears a cap on his head whenever he is playing the game. He considers the cap as a lucky charm.

He has 6099 unique views these many people speak and talk about his playing skills. He is a tricky poker player. His total live earnings are $1570669 this is a good amount that, he has won in the games he has played till the date. His best live cash was $383075 this was the best total amount he has won in the game. He always come with the winning spirit in the game and whether he wins or lose the game he comes with more winning spirit in the next game. In the United States of America in the United States all time money list he ranks at the 431th position in the Florida all time money list he ranks at the 23rd position which also a good rank. He also ranks at the 722th position in the all time money current list. He ranks at the 103rd position in the global poker index ranking.

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