International TV celebrity Philippe Dana Talks About His Love For Poker Game

Philippe Dana, the legendary presenter of the popular children TV program ca Cartoon from France has been on TV for decades and has been a prominent personality in the Canal Plus cable television channel.

She is the show presented of the 12/13 radio show at Radio France and is also the author of the title Les invités de la fête meaning “The Party’s guests”. He had enjoyed a long adventure on TV but has great enthusiasm for the game of poker which she never tried to conceal.

Recently Julien Tisson from PokerNews, France met with Dana to talk about the various poker adventures in which he was a part and also why the game of poker figures in his initial literary effort. When asked about why poker became an integral part of his life by PokerNews, Dana replied that he was into the game for more than two decades and his first try was with draw poker, and none other than the director at Canal Plus, Jean-Lou is Cap introduced him to the exciting game of poker with hold’em.

He further said that once he got accustomed to this format of play others too started playing poker. His game progressed as he played more with h is friends until the aviation Club de France started to structure some special hold’em for VIP only where he was also given the opportunity toplay. He rubbed shoulders with actors, singers and sportsman. When asked why he loved the game of poker so much he replied that it is the social side of poker that attracts him most and the after- dinner games were so exciting. These occasions according to him give the chances of get together with friends, where you can share laughs, chat and have incredible fun. His choice of poker on those occasions was limits.

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