Soulier Proud To Join GPL

The (GPL) Global Poker League will do its inaugural draft at the Hotel SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. The place is also to the American Poker Conference and American Poker Awards.

PokerNews, in association with the GPL, revealed the names of players (203), which have earning of over $560 million in combined in their tournament career. The league’s 12 franchise managers will draft these players on Feb. 25, 2016 and they will remain available for that.

Fabrice Soulier is one of those managers and he is directing up the Paris Aviators. PokerNews took the views of Soulier on the GPL.

The French poker player Soulier, who is 46 years, now, needs no introduction.

On the appointment of Soulier as the manager of the Paris Aviators, Soulier is very delighted and he feels honored. Relationship of player with Alex Dreyfus helped him in making his decision easier in joining GPL.

Soulier said “I feel a lot of pride”. He said, “Since the beginning of the GPL I was its supporter, and I think the GPL is a very big project. And I am hopeful that it is going to be. I know the in charge person and I am a bit closer to Alex Dreyfus. He had helped me making my decision of accepting the Paris Aviators management.”

“The idea of Parisian team, I like it very much.”

Soulier further added that the decision to join GPL is not for money, but it is more for the pride I get. I am going to work hard for GPL and I am very happy by being the part of the GPL.

“It didn’t really visible on the website, but I am trying to be a player. I asked Alex about this and he said I can be a player in the event if I want. And I am going to play if got the option.”

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