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Details On PokerStars Players Championship Structure

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

After 10 months of the announcement on what is expected to be the biggest $25,000 tournament, PokerStars has made revelations on what players should expect when they are seated for the upcoming PokerStars Players Championship. The structure of the tournament and the percentage of payout have been planned for players, and by the players in addition to PokerStars team members. The field will have a combination of elite high-end players as well as 300 participants who have enrolled for free in the event by winning platinum passes. The prize pool would be over $10,000,000 and the winner of PSPC will become a millionaire.

There are only 2 aspects to this PSPC which was determined prior to consult the participants. The event would be completed in 5 days and it is going to be a freeze out. Also, there is no scope for re-entries. Thereafter, PokerStars surveyed its players who would participate in the event and this includes platinum pass winners and players through buy-in. The player representatives, surveyed participants, and PokerStars team members would be evaluated prior to every tournament’s aspect. Whether the ply wound starts 9 or 9 handed was the biggest question. However, it was decided that 9 handed play would start on Day 1. Thereafter, tables will scale down to 8 handed at the beginning of Day 2.