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Parkinson Becomes Ambassador For Partypoker

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Legend Irish poker player Padraig Parkinson will continue to remain the brand ambassadors of Partypoker.

This way Partypoker will continue to grow its loyal professional poker customer base.

Parkinson is one of most renowned poker players coming from Emerald Isle. He is the role model for many poker players as he has won many tournaments in his career. He has the winning amount of $1.8 million in various live tournaments. He is also good at cash game and has big achievements. All these achievements of Parkinson make him the ideal face for being the brand ambassador of Irish Poker Industry.

The tasks that Parkinson has to do being the brand ambassador are: he has to face the Grand Prix Cork, a €340 buy in tournament. The tournament will take place between Feb. 23-26 2017. Venue for the tournament is the Cork Macau Sporting Club in Ireland. Next to the Grand Prix, Dusk Till Dawn will take place in which Parkinson again has to face the players. The event will be the £6 million guaranteed. In addition to these events some more will be in the calendar of Partypoker. (more…)

Han’s Winzeler Plays With Dedication

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

This is another poker player from the United States of America.

This player is from the beautiful city of Miami which is a very popular city. This player has completed his education from the college in the same city. He was not much interested in studies but due to some pressure he had to complete his studies. And then he started playing poker in his college days. He developed the interest of playing poker.

When they were just playing a simple game and then he got more interested in the game and started playing all the tournaments and small games for his city and also won many of them and hence got more interested and choose poker playing as his profession and started playing more and more and played at an international level. He has a unique style, he wears a cap on his head whenever he is playing the game. He considers the cap as a lucky charm. (more…)

Aaron Massey Wins The Spring MSPT Event

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

Aaron Massey might not have won the position title in the state championship event of Michigan later part of the year, but he is having a good run this year.

The MSPT event, largest one to be held outside of Vegas, was won by him this summer for an amount of $174,658. The MSPT Firekeepers which was held in the summer had about 820 players in total. Aaron was successful in this event and staked his title and prize money of the above mentioned amount.

This year the Mid States Poker Tour has made the usual prize guarantee triple. The amount is $300,000 in total which has drawn in 820 players with a prize pool of $820,000. The Firekeepers event takes place at the namesake place in Battle Creek. It is a step which is the largest for poker players, outside Las Vegas that is. Aaron Massey has been a dominant player in the series and he has gained a mammoth amount in the summer series of the event.

International TV celebrity Philippe Dana Talks About His Love For Poker Game

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Philippe Dana, the legendary presenter of the popular children TV program ca Cartoon from France has been on TV for decades and has been a prominent personality in the Canal Plus cable television channel.

She is the show presented of the 12/13 radio show at Radio France and is also the author of the title Les invités de la fête meaning “The Party’s guests”. He had enjoyed a long adventure on TV but has great enthusiasm for the game of poker which she never tried to conceal.

Recently Julien Tisson from PokerNews, France met with Dana to talk about the various poker adventures in which he was a part and also why the game of poker figures in his initial literary effort. When asked about why poker became an integral part of his life by PokerNews, Dana replied that he was into the game for more than two decades and his first try was with draw poker, and none other than the director at Canal Plus, Jean-Lou is Cap introduced him to the exciting game of poker with hold’em. (more…)

David Katia a Dedicated and smart poker player

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

Total WinningsCasino$5,975,301 he is a player who has Total Cashes and including Casino72.

He is a player who has even played attended the World Series of Poker. He is a player Winnings   $1,586,865and even won cashes23in the world series of poker tournament. Many new players like to learn new techniques from him that can help to easily get cashes on their account making them renowned poker player. He has total 3 bracelets on his account in the world series of poker tournament and he has won 6 final tables in the world series of poker tournament

He is a player who has also played at the world Hold’Em event. He is a player who has good statistics in the world international poker tournament. He is a player who has won titles and cashes in the w world poker tournament tours giving home advantage to win the series of poker tournament. He has 1 final table and not on a single championship in any poker tournament World Poker Tour Winnings$46,904. He has won only single cash in the world poker tournament. His skills set make him the best tactic poker player in the world. (more…)

Melanie: A Smart and Talented Poker Player

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Melanie kaye is also a women poker player. She is also a very good player of poker. She is basically from Guilford from United States. She is very confident and constant player. She shows her beautiful performance in her every match.

She has won total $37,350 in her career. She has played various types of matches in her whole career. She is very faithful to her play. She plays from her heart and give her best performance in her every match. Her performance was not good in beginning but day by day and after every match she improvesherself. She is very crazy about her game.

She has placed at 524th rank in 37th annual world series at event 14.She false in that match but after she work hard on her game and comes to 4th rank in 3 series. She played in various types of games like No-Limit Hold’Em, Ladies Limit Hold’Em melanie has not played in world poker tour also in European poker tour. She played in 2009 fax woods poker classic series which was ladies Limit Hold’Em game type total buy-in of this series was $300.Prizepool of this series was $75,660 and total entrants were 300.She was placed at 4th rank in this series. She won total $7642 in this series. (more…)