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Day 1 of PokerStars EPT Main Event of Prague Rolled high with 10,300 shattering another record

With Super High Roller of 50,000, the record of 5,300 is breaking and buzzing in the Hotel Hilton Prague during the 2014 side events of Eupropean Poker League, people kept imagining who could do big 10,300 High Roller.

It then blown to another one when all said that last year record of field with 137 players and 39 re-entries got smashed with 2301 entries and re-entries 63 on the first day.

The registration is going to remain till 11.45am and after that registration will close and draw will start. The notables things happened can be read anywhere.

Each table had one player atleast who won the major event of World Series Poker Main event championship like Martun Jacobson and Felix Stephensen the runner up were present, tons of former winners of EPT and millions of dollars earnings of tournament was represented. Read more »

Amadi – Soulier K4 vs T8

Fabrice Soulier Online video Ranking: / five

Liz Lieu & Fabrice Soulier – Chilipoker’s Duo Episode 1vost

Fabrice Soulier Video clip Rating: five / five

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A Player of Extraordinary Skills

Fabrice Soulier is one of the grand players of the poker game who was born in 1969 on April 23. France was his native place where he was pursued for his education through the University. Here he attained the degree in the international relations. His dream was working in the film industry where he got the job of an assistant film director and eventually emerged as the director of an award winning Television series and for other serials since the year of 2000.

After a long time in the film-association, it was the time to move in a different direction as when the casino game had been standing in his life style as his favorite game. His experience came into existence when he took the membership of the Aviation Club in the Paris and started to play this game at online casinos. He had on a regular basis won the various tournaments and the final tables of the events that all helped him for bankroll. He finally refrained from his media job and shifted towards United States to play the poker game in various live casinos of this place as a full time professional player. His first grand United States cash came on the Jack Binion which was held in the WSOP (World Series of Poker) in 2002 and he finished in the second for approximately $42K during trekking back to the Europe where he captured on the final table of Euro final of the poker championship. In these States, Fabrice Soulier began to play for WSOP and WPT (World Poker Tour events). Eventually, he made up the final table of World Series of Poker for amount $103k and also made a televised on World Poker Tour final table in the year of 2006.

His achievements in the Poker final tables run in the continuously form with the various types of the World Series of Poker final tables as well as in the 2010 Partouche Tour of the Poker game of the Main Event in the Cannes festivals. His total winning amount is accumulated as the $2.4 million in the live tournaments.

Pro Ladies to Watch out for in WSOP

If you are lady who want to try your hands on poker, you have the same opportunity that the men have. Poker is not a game for men who love gambling because the end result of any game is money. If you want to make a career out of poker game you have the opportunity.

There are pro poker players who were taught by women who would have nothing to do with real tables. And this means that when they play in any table of poker game, they are assured of winning a game.  The reason why we are not seeing men as we should is because of men having dominated the game. If you want to see how good ladies are in their games, watch their games. You would be amazed at the level of strategy that these women put together in winning their games.

It matters whose game you watch if you are going to bet on any poker game. This would help you win any game you put your mind to win. However, no matter how prepared you may be, there are other players who are prepared in winning the game. And because of this you would have to be prepared if you must win your game. Those who would not give up easier are the ones who have mastered their skills and are willing to dare anyone.

This is what makes some players win their games because they only understand one thing which is winning. When you win poker games especially with real money, you are going home with more money than you came with. For those who are always winning, they have become legends and celebrities all over the world. The secret is consistence and hard work that would help in propelling a player to win even at the odd moment.