Why You Cannot Underrate Thuận B. Nguyễn

With the popularity of poker today, getting to know the pros and rising stars in the game is important. Thuận B. Nguyễn is an American professional player who is renowned in the world poker platforms. He has participated in world poker competitions where he has won accolades and taken home colossal monies. These tournaments are run in circuits, elimination lies at the core of the competition in order to determine the final winners. Having thrown his hat in the WSOP events, this cast him some limelight in the gambling sphere. However, a closer look at his resume reveals he is one player whose winnings leave a tinge of legacy in the poker world.

Nguyen first won the 1997 WSOP $2,000 Omaha where he got $150,000 profit for his bankroll. In 1998, he won the WSOP first prize bracelet. After managing a number of WPT final tables, he triumphed in the World Poker Tour 2006; this made him the only player to win the main event of the WSOP and a WPT championship. In the 2008 WSOP (H.O.R.S.E) Main Event, he was 11th and walked away with $476,926. With several appearances at WSOP, his cemented reputation in the poker realms, he can easily win in other global events.

In 2009, the LA Poker Classics (H.O.R.S.E) was a romp as he emerged first, garnering $339,743. By 2010, his total live events wins totaled to $11,250,000. This player has great moves that can enable him to get more winnings, with more games, winnings will not elude him. His recent appearance in the 2012 World Poker Tour where he emerged 30th may have diminished his record. However, this is not to infer that he will not get more winnings per se, his potentiality for the game is as unfathomable as poker itself. Thus, he can plunge into the poker arena for nothing else but triumphing at finals.